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For Sale By Owner

What you need to know when your  
selling by yourself.
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I understand why many of today's sellers look to trying it themselves.  It usually boils down to one of three reasons.

1.  They want to pocket more money after the sale.

2.  They had a bad experience with a real estate agent.

3.  They have been told by others not to list their home.

There may be one more reason in today's market.  They may not feel that they can afford to have an agent help them.  

See, I do understand,but I am not here to lecture.  The truth is that some people do make more on their own, many of you have had a bad experience with another agent and when you talk to others about real estate, they all know everything there is to know about it.  

The real truth is that for the past 18 years plus, only 10% of sellers end up selling their homes themselves.  Of that 10% that sold their home on their own, (get this) nearly 90% of them would have put more money in their own pockets if they had listed their home with a professional agent.  That is after commission!  These numbers have went up and down over the past 18 years, but only by 1 or 2 %.  These are statistics that have been put out by both independent sources and the National Association of REALTORS.

I am going to give you many tools to point you down the right path for YOU!  If trying to sell on your own is right for you, then I truly wish you the best.  If it is not, I am right here to help you.  Bob Smith - (989) 529-5321
both home buyers and sellers are trying to save the commission.
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