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I would like to thank you for checking out my website today and seeing all of the information available to you as a home seller.  We welcome your suggestions and ask that you consider giving us a try for all of your future real estate needs.  This is not a job or a hobby to us.  This is our business and our passion.  We truly are here to help you in any way possible both now and in the future.  Thank you once again for your time.  We hope that you have a great day and a fabulous tomorrow!

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What you should consider when looking for the right agent.

1.  Experience

Not just how long has the agent been working, but have they been actually selling listings or primarily working with buyers.  The more experience that they have working with BOTH the more "road tested" the agent will be and usually, the better job they can do for you.  One item that needs to be considered along those lines.  If they work primarily with home buyers, they usually will be spending a lot of time on the road with those buyers and that CAN distract from the selling focus.  If they are running their business like a business, they may be able to do both.  That is important to keep in mind.

2.  Education

It is truly very easy to get a real estate license.  The question that will need to be asked is: What additional education or courses have they taken since getting into the real estate business?  Most agents stop when they obtain their license and start pounding the pavement.  The top agents in an area typically have been staying on top of marketing ideas, trends and have really spent a lot of time and money working on their communication skills with you as sellers and buyers, too.  This is not to try to manipulate you, but rather to be able to become that professional buffer between two parties that need to negotiate without emotions getting in the way.  

To find out more about my designations and education, go to our about page or click here.  Thank you.

3.  Availability

Is that agent available within reasonable time frames?  Do they have a plan of action in case they are out of town?  You want to be able to reach your agent and have a good communication with them.  

By know, you have seen my number everywhere on this site.  Please call me if you would like.   My phone is on during normal business hours and I have voice mail on my direct line and office line.  I also have email at  Everything is checked daily and all communications are made as promptly as possible.

4.  Marketing

This is HUGE when it comes to getting your property SOLD!  It is not the old "stick a sign out front, put it in a MLS, run an ad and sit back" anymore.  

Unfortunately, for many sellers, they get hooked up with someone that feels this is an acceptable way of doing business.  I DO NOT AGREE AT ALL!  When you are my client, I promise to do everything that I can find or think of to get my job done!  It is not fair to anyone, buyer or seller, to do a so - so job.  We have all dealt with someone in some business that did a so -so job when they could have done just a little more and made a big difference.  I do my best to do a LOT MORE.  
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