For Sale By Owner
What you need to know when you sell by yourself.
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The following information is meant to be used for your convenience in either selling on your own, or making the decision to hire a professional.
I sincerely hope you find this information helpful!  Bob Smith
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4 Characteristics of Value every FSBO should remember.
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Open House tips.
Designing a home feature sheet.
"If you want top dollar".
Creating a home book.
17 things every appraiser considers when comparing your home.
12 key ingredients to a successful sale.
12 common clauses buyers might include in their offer.
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When considering to sell your own home, here are some things to ask yourself.

1.  What things do I need to do to prepare my home for sale?
2.  What is the correct asking price to put on my property?
3.  What is the current market doing and how will that effect me and my sale?
4.  How long am I willing to try it on my own before hiring a professional?
5.  Who will I want to call, if that time comes?
6.  How much am I willing and able to spend on my marketing?
7.  Where will my money be best spent?
8.  What should I have in my advertising?
9.  Do I need an attorney?
10.  What are all of the costs to selling, other than advertising?
11.  Why am I selling?
12.  Why should I try to sell on my own?
13.  What should I do when approached by an agent?
14.  Who will I let into my home?
15.  How do I know that the buyer is approved or qualified to purchase?
16.  Is it really safe to invite strangers into my home?
17.  How does my home show?
18.  Are there improvements that need to or should be made?
19.  When I do sell, where will I go?
20.  Who will help me on the buying side?
21.  Do I have all of the legal documents that are necessary?
22.  How does the buyer's financing effect my asking price?

This is just a starting list for you to get your brain engaged on the questions you will need to ask yourself before proceeding.  

As you can tell, there are a lot of things to consider.  However, with some time and careful planning, you can have the answers you need to make educated choices along the way.  As always, I am here to help if you have any questions regarding your real estate situation.      
Best wishes if you try it on your own!     Sincerely,      Bob Smith   - (989) 529-5321
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