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Your listing DID NOT SELL!   Now what?  

There are many reasons why a listing does not sell the first time around.  Lately, in our market place, you are just becoming a statistic and unfortunately, part of doing business.  The main reason most homes do not typically sell are price, terms available, condition of the home, condition of the market and the competence of the agent you selected. 

Will changing my agent make the difference?

Maybe.  I know that sounds like a cop out, but the truth is that many excellent agents do have listings expire.  Especially in our recent economy.  What really matters is the level of marketing being offered for your listing and the skills of the agent.  Overall people skills, as well as phone skills and negotiating abilities are crucial attributes that your agent MUST HAVE.  If they do not, it will very likely cost you in the way of money and time!  

What is the main factor on deciding if you need a new agent working on your behalf or stick it out with your current agent?

In my opinion, if you have a good relationship with your current agent and can communicate back and forth AND they are doing everything they can come up with to get your home sold, then give them another try.  If you have asked them for anything reasonable that they did not deal with or if they are just doing the basics to get your home sold, you may want to find a more competent agent to help you.  

Is Bob and his team right for me?

Well, I can tell you this about me and my team.  We do more marketing for our listings than anyone else in the tri-county area.  We are honest and professional, yet we are very down to earth people.  Our only goal is to help you!  Your goals are our goals!  You have my word on it.

Do the "minor" things make a big difference?

They sure do right now!  Every little item that could possibly be construed as a negative on your property MUST BE ADDRESSED!  Now, I am not saying that your property did not sell because it wasn't perfect.  No home is perfect!  Even newly built homes have negative attributes in many cases.  What I am saying is that you must allow yourself to be brutally honest about your property and find anything that a buyer COULD look at as a negative.  I have seen some things over the years that you would not believe.  Items that you would think could never be looked at as a negative, but the buyer or a relative talks them right out of a home because of it.  Now, with our current market, buyers are being extremely picky about every single detail.  It really pays to have a quality agent take a constructive look at your home through a buyers eyes and help guide you with the "minor" details.  It truly makes a big difference!

What about price?

Here is a fun one!  Many home owners today actually owe more on their home than we can sell it for.  For this reason, many sellers overprice their homes to break even or try to get some money at closing.  This may hurt your chances of selling for a reasonable figure.  There are ways of pricing your home for a fair price in today's market and possibly not having to bring money to closing.  Although, this may or may not effect your credit.  It is not always possible, but a good agent can get the answers for your particular situation.  

For more about pricing and positioning your property for sale, I highly suggest reviewing one or some of my videos available by clicking here, or on any video picture, at the bottom of the page.

Best wishes to you for a timely and comfortable home sale!

Yours in Real Estate,

Bob Smith - (989) 529-5321
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Expired Help Page
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